A Short On-Line Calligraphy Lesson

Lesson 8 The indistinct image to the left is a "thumbnail" of the first page of a sample lesson which will teach you how to do the "Uncial" alphabet - an alphabet used by the early Christians. This page shows all the letters and how they are formed. Simply click on the thumbnail image of the page and the full-page version will be brought up. Print the page on your printer. Please use the Back button on your browser to return here when the job is done.
Uncial 2 This is the second page of the lesson on the "Uncial" alphabet. This is the page which has "trace and copy" exercises. You will need a chizel point calligraphy pen or marker with a width of about 1½ mm to do this page. It is important that you do these letters slowly and carefully. Speed is not a goal; mastery of the letters is. Again, click on the thumbnail to bring up the full-page version. Then print the page on your printer.
This page is a guide page for the Uncial alphabet. It is recommended that you print several copies of this guide page. Practice directly on the guide sheet or place the guide sheet underneath a plain white sheet of paper so that you can see the lines through the top sheet and follow them so your writing stays straight and uniform in size.

I hope that you have success! Write me and tell me about it!

Yes, this short lesson is greatly abbreviated. There's much more than this to learn.
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